Welcome to High ISO Music, an online publication dedicated to vigorous photodocumentary coverage of live music and support of artistic endeavors. High ISO Music is composed of two partners, photographer/designer Elsa Hahne and photographer Golden G. Richard III. All of the photos on HighISOMusic.com were shot by Golden or Elsa. Being the perfectionist control freaks that we are, it has to be that way.

Unlike most print publications that cover live music, we don't just slap up a few stock portraits of the band members or one or two action shots. Our goal is to capture as much of the energy of the show as possible and to make it hurt for you to have missed it (or be awfully grateful you didn't).

We're also a source of high-quality images for performers. With all due respect, most images available to bands are awful. Our photos look the way they do because we work like maniacs to create photos that are as good as the music. We're willing to work with musicians to offer images they can afford, to use for publicity purposes, CD artwork, etc. We're also available for band portraits, events, or taking pictures of your dog, if he can do scissor kicks like David Lee Roth.

We're committed to never accepting advertising. But all the gear, and travel, and effort costs a lot of money. We're not those guys in the photo pit with an iPhone or a point and shoot camera--rather, we're the guys dragging around $20K worth of equipment. You can support our effort to document live music and cultural events by doing a very natural thing: buying art. We offer limited edition fine art prints for sale, which you can purchase by clicking on an individual photo in a gallery and then clicking the buy button for further options. We personally prepare every print, using archival LUCIA pigment inks and Hahnemuhle Baryta paper. In some cases, our agreements with a venue or performer might not permit sales, so prints are not available for these images. If you see something you like or if you need rights to an image for commercial use, please contact us—we can often make arrangements with the artist to make the deal happen.

Elsa Hahne is a writer, photographer and designer. She's the author of You Are Where You Eat—Stories and Recipes from the Neighborhoods of New Orleans (University Press of Mississippi, 2008) and The Gravy—In the Kitchen with New Orleans Musicians (High ISO Music, 2013). She likes dancing and anchovies. And whenever possible, dancing anchovies.

Golden G. Richard III is a photographer, computer scientist, aging skateboarder, and Nikon fascist. He's Professor of Computer Science at Louisiana State University and his first floppy drive cost $600. He also likes anchovies, but only in moderation.

Both Elsa and Golden make better gumbo than you do.

Finally, we support live music by attending shows, buying tickets, and tipping generously. Please do the same. Support the musicians. Everyone wins. Browse around, enjoy the images, and be sure to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

Feel free to contact us at info@highisomusic.com or 504.957.5814 / 504.610.1950 for more information. Thanks!