Since we never sleep, we also offer professional graphic design and publishing services. If you’re looking for promotional materials, CD design, poster or brochure design, website or logo design, or complete support in authoring and publishing both ebooks and traditional printed books, we can help you. Photographer/designer Elsa Hahne has worked with many New Orleans artists and arts organizations, including Little Freddie King, Charmaine Neville, Three Muses on Frenchmen Street, and the Tennessee Williams Festival in reaching their audiences. She is the current Art Director at OffBeat magazine, New Orleans’ premier music monthly, and has photographed 56 and designed 78 of their glossy covers since 2008. Elsa Hahne has a great hookup for affordable, museum-quality printing, whether you’re looking to publish your own cookbook, fine art photography book, or cats-in-space jigsaw puzzle. She found this amazing printer in the process of publishing her most recent cookbook, The Gravy: In the Kitchen with New Orleans Musicians (High ISO Music, 2013), which you can find out more about on our book page.

We offer design services on a sliding scale. Please email us at with a brief description of what you need help with, and we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours.